35. the magic show

it was my third day in India
when I discovered the magic
MAGIC! CALL ##########”
black Roman letters scrawled
like wind-scraped branches
on the side of the road.

I tapped Sam’s shoulder. “Look!
Magic show!” “I don’t know what
you’re talking about.” And sure enough
I am pointing at nothing
but the auto-whirs of beige, green.

and eight months later,
I’m still the only one to see them,
these tiny hellos stamped across the city;
they are cramped
lines behind electrical wires, abandoned
subway stops never completed,
stenciled in square-inch messages

as if someone said,
“yes, HERE is a good spot
to reach our target balloon
demographic, behind this
pole, a little to the left–
perfect.” and everytime
I see them I think of calling,
just to say hi. Just to tell them,

I hope you are well,

whoever you are,
I saw you.

and the magic is alive.


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