29. how the stars were hung

(as told by Crescent School’s class 7C)

Once upon a time there was a very greedy king who took great pride in his possessions, especially a giant diamond that was bigger than anything, bigger than your whole entire head even, the biggest and the brightest diamond in the world. But he kept it hidden away so that he was the only one who would be able to see it, and since he was the only one who had seen it, no one else could steal it from him, and it would be his forever.

But since he was the only one who had ever seen the diamond, the townspeople began to grow suspicious. They wondered if the diamond was really as big as the king had said, or as bright and shining, or if was even real at all. Word of this diamond stretched across the land. One night, a band of robbers crept into the king’s castle and took the diamond in the dead of night. It was as big and as beautiful and as bright as they had imagined! But they had to run quickly away because the kings’ guards knew the robbers had broken in. The guards chased them, chased them, chased them into the forest until there was nowhere to hide because of the diamond’s glowing light through the forest, so one of the robbers closed his eyes, made a wish, and threw the diamond up as high as he could into the darkness in hopes that they could run the other way.

But the diamond hit a tree and burst into a thousand tiny pieces in the sky. The sky was particularly sticky that day, so the diamond dust fell across the sky and got stuck there in little pieces on the black sky, and the robbers were brought back to the king for punishment. But the king wasn’t mad at all; really he was happy that other people got to see the diamond and how beautiful it was, so he went into his castle and gathered all of his jewels to give to the robbers, and they invited all of the townspeople to come throw the jewels with him together, all different colors up into the sky.

And this is how the stars were hung in the sky.


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