7. onam

Once in the days of old a rich king grew cocky
and told a young boy he could have whatever his heart desired, no matter how large.
“Nothing much,” said the boy, “only land enough for my foot’s three paces.”
The king thought this a reasonable request, and granted him these steps.
The king’s advisor warned him that this was no ordinary boy,
that it was God himself.
The king could not be dissuaded.
“Three paces then it shall be. How then can I go back upon my word?”

The boy grew in size until he towered above the heavens.
With one footstep, he measured the entire earth; with the second, all of heaven.
But the king still owed him one foot of territory, and owned nothing else.
He removed his crown before God and bowed beneath him.
“Place the final step on my head,” he told him, “for I have nothing else to give.”


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